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The DATA Foundation, Inc. is an entity of LSE Enterprises, Inc. which owns and operates Larry’s Barber Colleges #1 #2 #3 and #4, Larry’s Barber College within Cook County Jail, and Larry’s Haircare Products. Because of the umbrella partnership, DATA Foundation, Inc. will team with all five barber schools to provide several services and resources to at-risk teenagers and released inmates in an effort to provide vocational and life training. The aforementioned services/resources are highlighted below:

o Bank Account Opening/Money Management
o Barber Curriculum Training (including Guest Speakers and Presenters)
o Business Plan Creation and Implementation
o Drug and Alcohol Prevention/Recovery GED Assistance
o Insurance Awareness and Execution
o Job Placement Assistance
o Life Skills Coaching
o Mentoring
o Resume Writing
o Academic Tutoring

o Mental Health

o Professional Service Training

o Vocational Programs

o Free Services For Senior Citizen Homes

o Veterans Services

o Provide Free Hair Care Services For Grammar Schools

o Free Music Lessons (Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Organ, Engineering, Horns and much more)

Current High School Students:

Each individual that takes part in the DATA Foundation, Inc. curriculum will finish the program in approximately 19 months. Each participant will be considered part-time within the barber curriculum due to their daily high school schedule. However, students will be allowed to adapt to a full-time schedule during breaks like Christmas, Spring Break, and Summer Break and return to part-time status once school reconvenes.

Previously Released Inmates:

Each inmate can begin the barbering curriculum while in Cook County Jail. Due to the fluctuation of the time that each inmate will be in barber class and/or their individual time served, a definite timeframe of completion is on a case-by-case basis. However, the hours obtained while in Cook County Jail will be transferred to a traditional Larry’s Barber College, where they will be able to finish the remainder of the 1,500 hours needed for graduation